Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder UK


Quick Overview Smart Pet Food Feeder:-

  • Batteries must be installed before the emergency power supply system is activated. Spare batteries need to be purchased separately and only alkaline dry batteries are supported. Please see the operation instructions for details.
  • The food compartment, food stirrer, dispensing blade and 304 stainless steel food bowl all conform to FDA regulations on food contact materials; inspection report code: No. SHAEC2200090002; Testing organisation: SGS.
  • The test is based on a 5kg adult cat(or a 10 kg small dog) eating about 80-120g of dry food per day for a period of about 15-20 days. Errors may occur in actual use due to changes in food type, pet type, age, health and behavior.
  • The feeder is suitable for adult dogs with shoulder height up to 40 cm
  • .It is recommended to replace the cartridge every month.
  • All data referred to on this page is from the Maomao Gougou Laboratory unless specified otherwise. Testing data may vary depending on environmental changes.
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