Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure


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Quick Overview Smart Laser Measure:-

  • *3mm high-precision measurement: The measurement accuracy data is related to the actual measurement distance and can be calculated by the formula ±(3mm + 5 x 10 – 5 D*).
  • *The minimum of measurement range needs to be measured by the front-end benchmark.*After fully charged, use the key tester to perform the “turn on + laser emission + measurement data + turn off” actions every 10 seconds, until there is no electricity. It can be cyclically tested 3000 times
  • *The Class II laser has slight radiation and will not cause permanent damage to the retina of the eyes, but please do not look directly into the beam.
  • *”D” represents the actual distance, indoor standard reflective surface environment. The measurement results may be inaccurate in harsh environments, such as strong sunlight, excessive environmental temperature fluctuation, weak reflection effect, and low battery power. In such cases, it is better to use the target reflector. There are other conditions that affect the measurement: the objective lens or laser tube is blocked by foreign objects; the measurement target is unclear, such as water glass and mirror; the laser jitters during measurement.
  • *All data referred to on this page, unless otherwise specified, is from the HOTO Laboratory. Data may vary or be inaccurate due to differences in the objective environment and other factors.
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